Merge non-adjacent partitions in Windows

Posted on October 30th, 2015 by whinger. Filed under Tech.

So I got a new-to-me laptop with UEFI and Dell’s fingerprints are all over the partitions. Two partitions C: and D:, 500GB each (just about), which irritates the hell out of me, there’s almost never any good reason to want to split your disk usage in that way.

So I went into disk management to merge the two partitions and found a Dell Recovery partition in the way. Being a UEFI laptop it’s pretty clear from the internet that you can’t just delete these “recovery” partitions because the machine may well fail to boot afterwards, so I thought I was stuffed; happily there’s a nice free little program that will do exactly what’s required with the minimum of fuss.

AOMEI Partition Assistant

Deleted the D partition, moved the offending recovery partition to nearly at the end of the blank space, created a non-mapped partition in the remaining 20MB (just in case the system expects that partition to still exist), click “apply” and watch as it does its magic. Very happy 🙂


Usual disclaimer – I’ve never even heard of them before, so I’ve definitely no link to anyone involved.

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